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Free USA & CAN Shipping Available on Select Items

California Transparency Act

Transparency in Supply Chains

"CoolDigz" is committed to making sure that working conditions throughout our supply chain are safe and that employees are treated with dignity. We require that our products comply with all applicable local and international laws, including laws related to labor, human rights, public health, and workplace safety.

Research by the International Labor Organization shows that there are nearly 21 million victims of forced labor around the world, and that women and children are particularly vulnerable to this type of abuse. This issue is not new, but recent legislation in California has given companies like ours an opportunity to explain how they address the risk of human rights violations in their supply chains. Our disclosure for the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act (SB657) outlines the steps we’re taking to make sure that all our direct suppliers (i.e., the manufacturers who take raw materials and turn them into "My Smart Living" products) meet internationally recognized labor standards and also adhere to our own Vendor Code of Conduct. 

These steps include:

  1. Verifying our supply chain to evaluate and address the risk of human trafficking and slavery.
  2. Auditing our direct suppliers on a regular basis.
  3. Certifying that the raw materials used by our suppliers have not been produced with forced labor.
  4. Holding ourselves and our suppliers accountable.
  5. Training and education.
Apart from this, we require all of our direct suppliers to comply with. Every expectation outlined in it is intended to make sure that employees are treated fairly, provided a safe work environment, and legally compensated for their work.