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GoSun Flow, solar-powered water purifier

GoSun Flow, solar-powered water purifier

With the COVID 19 pandemic redefining our habits and lives, more people are turning to outdoor activities in nature like hiking and camping to relieve the stress from being cooped up inside. As exciting as a camping trip sounds, the hunt for drinking water is always the hardest part of it. Also, with the hygiene being the top priority, it becomes hard to find a sink to wash your hands and clean on-the-go. 


GoSun Flow is your Best Friend in this Man vs. Wild

Imagine a collapsible sink that can be carried around in a backpack, and packs the power to get rid of 99.99% germs. GoSun’s Flow does exactly that using solar technology. The solution proposed by the Cincinnati based company makes ingenious use of technology to make clean water accessible in a sustainable manner, on-the-go!


Portable Sink & Shower in your Backpack

GoSun made waves in technology arena with its innovative products including solar charges, coolers and more. Flow is the latest addition to their growing portfolio which is a handy solution for hygiene freaks. With the global pandemic, the launch time of Flow couldn’t be better! 

Flow is a portable, solar-powered water purifier. The device package includes a pump, faucet, and filter. The device is equipped with hybrid technology and can be powered by the sun or the battery included in the package. The 18.5Wh power bank is USB compatible and can be recharged by plugging it into any phone charger.


Shower On-the-Go

For long-haul hikers of the Appalachian Trail, indulging in a clean, warm shower as you bask in the natural goodness of your surroundings is a fantasy. GoSun’s Flow comes with Flex Faucet which sports a handy clamp that can be used to affix the flexible faucet head to a higher post like a tree branch or a fence.

Connected to the submersible water heater or the GoSun Fusion cooker, Flow Flex Faucet turns into a warm water shower head, ensuring that your long trek doesn’t leave you all sweaty and stinking.


Making Off-Grid Living Better

GoSun Flow employs solar energy to filter out 99.99% of pathogens (including viruses) from water. The solution comes with a hybrid (solar & USB powered), automatic pump that eliminates the need of a conventional hand-pumping mechanism. The powerful pump can purify up to one liter of water/minute. 

The water is filtered through a 3-stage cartridge filter that can last up to 1000 liters, after which it can be replaced making sustainable living easier. The 3-stage mechanism spouts clean water by filtering it through the polypropylene filter to remove dirt and rust, a high-efficiency carbon filter to remove dangerous chemicals and heavy metallic elements, and finally through a nano-aluminum fibre filter  that uses a charged maze of fires to kill pathogens.


Supporting Eco-Conscious, Sustainable Life

GoSun has designed the filter such that it can be replaced in parts instead of replacing the entire assembly if the need arises. The filter is designed to be carried in a backpack such that the solar panel is integrated into the case cover. By placing the hose into a stream, water is pumped through to the sink or the Flex Faucet. The hose directly fixes to a water bottle, just like a straw, to allow the drinker to intake water directly. 

Flow is ideal for those who love camping. It can also be a handy device for backyard BBQs and parties. 

Flow is just the right device to invest in because if there is one thing that COVID-19 has taught us, it is never to compromise on hygiene!

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